Drone imagery and data are invaluable for the construction industry. The integration of drones into construction workflows provides numerous benefits, including improved efficiency, safety, and decision-making capabilities.

Our drones are equipped with high-resolution cameras that can efficiently survey large construction sites, monitor project progress, and capture valuable images and data for site analysis and progress tracking with precision and speed. Utilizing aerial data offers a cost-effective and accurate way to assess and enhance business outcomes.


Site Inspections: Drones provide a comprehensive  bird's-eye view of construction projects, helping to identify issues track project progress.

360-panorama Video, Time-lapse Imagery & Design Visualization: Drone video helps document project progress and offers a comprehensive project overview to help make informed decisions.

3D Modeling, Surveying and Orthomosaic Mapping: Drones equipped with high-resolution cameras can rapidly survey large construction sites, creating detailed maps and 3D models for accurate measurements and assessments.

Site Progress Monitoring and Tracking: Drones offer a consistent and objective way to track construction progress over time, helping to meet project deadlines and adjust timelines.

High-resolution Photography and Videography: Drones capture high-quality aerial footage that can be used for marketing purposes, project documentation, and before/after documentation.

Stockpile Measurements, Inventory Management and Environmental Monitoring: Drones can be used to monitor and assess the environmental impact of construction projects, including tracking material, vegetation, water bodies, and other ecological features.