Infrared thermal drone inspections offer a non-invasive, efficient & cost-effective way to monitor & assess various landscapes, environments & structures. These inspections provide valuable insights & data to help businesses run efficiently.

Thermal imaging is a powerful tool for identifying potential problems like water damage, ventilation issues, etc. that may not be visible to the naked eye. Our team utilizes advanced thermal cameras and leading software to detect anomalies and variations in temperature to detect problems, mitigate expensive repairs, and save time & money.


Thermal Inspections: Our 5K high-resolution drones are equipped with thermal cameras to inspect solar panels, flat roofs, roof HVAC systems, golf courses & turf, landscape & agriculture providing quick, cost-effective & accurate data .

Rapid Data Collection and Analysis: Drones equipped with thermal cameras can inspect large areas quickly, providing rapid data collection and analysis for repairs and maintenance.

Proactive Maintenance: Drones can quickly and accurately detect moisture, temperature variations, water damage, etc. to help mitigate expensive repairs and maintain building integrity.

Cost-Efficiency: Thermal drones offer a cost-effective way to routinely maintain infrastructure without the use of personnel, expensive scaffolding, etc.

Increased Accessibility : Drones can quickly access hard-to-reach and hazardous locations frequently  missed by the naked eye and dangerous for personnel.

Enhanced Safety: Using drones minimizes the need for manual inspections, reducing the risk to human inspectors.

Specialized Technology: Thermal Drone technology offers detailed assessments and repair recommendations.